Achievement and levels

In people's profiles you can see their achievement and their level. Everyone collects points for various actions. The total of points is represented by a level.

By collecting points, you improve your profile and show to other people that you are accustomed with symbiodyssey and its functionalities. Along the way you will also get access to new features.

Here are all the actions that will you points :

Following someone3
Writing a private message3
Writing a comment5
Voting for a comment5
Following a project10
Writing a testimony15
Writing a news15
Applying for a position25
Hiring someone25
Creating a new project50
Get hired in a project100
Finishing a project500

Here are the levels with the total of points required :

Level 1-Gentleman/Gentlewoman
Level 210Esquire
Level 320Knight/Dame
Level 440Baronet/Baronetess
Level 580Baron/Baroness
Level 6160Viscount/Viscountess
Level 7320Count/Countess
Level 8640Marquis/Marquise
Level 91280Sovereign prince/princess
Level 102560Duke/Duchess
Level 115120Prince/princess
Level 1210240Grand prince/princess
Level 1320480Archduke/Archduchess
Level 1440960King/Queen regnant
Level 1581920Emperor/Empress
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