SymbiOdyssey 2.0

StateThe project is alive
CreationDec 4, 2016
Last modificationMar 30, 2017
LocationBerlin Germany

With symbiodyssey 2.0 we want to take our website a big step forward and create a platform - in order to Make every good idea come to life

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Our mission: Make every good idea come to life

Me and Joël created out of our interest in seeing ideas materialize into projects with real impact in the world. At the coffee table last year, I asked Joël where I could go to get in touch with a developer for my mobile app idea. He couldn't really give me an answer, he himself had launched two projects in the past, both having been shut down due to the loss of one cofounder, or lack thereof. Me myself had incidentally mentioned my app idea to a former colleague, who happened to be an android programmer and in search of a side project to hone her skills. What luck! 

Having a friend help you out making your idea come to life is however more luck than skill. The more breakfast table chats Joël and I had during those summer months, the more excited we got dreaming about what it would mean to make a community of people with ideas and skills come together. For ideas to get the help they need to materialize. And for people to take part in things that matter and at the same time develop their skill. Without having to rely on luck. We took some notes, made some paper sketches and by December 1.0 was launched.

With symbiodyssey 2.0 we are going to take our website out of beta, and with that introduce some great new features. With the Idea Tool it will get super easy for anyone to get their idea down on paper and start playing around with the concept. With 100 percent privacy, your idea will only be accessible for yourself and whoever you choose to share the link to. And together with the Dashboard, you get a complete overview of each of your private and public projects; statistics over community engagement with your idea, design control over the project page and how it should look when shared in social media, and a virtual office space for you, your idea and your team. We are stoked!


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