symbiodyssey 1.0

StateThe project is alive
CreationDec 3, 2016
Last modificationOct 10, 2017
LocationBerlin Germany

The first version of symbiodyssey, a journey through the creation of the platform from the first meeting to the first release.

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Symbiodyssey is the result of a reflexion on what makes an idea become true and successful and what can we do to help people achieve what they want.

As a result of this reflexion, we decided to create symbiodyssey, a platform that will help and guide people from the first step to the last of a project, from a thought or an idea to a real project, service, event, ... This is also a place to meet and connect with people, learn from one another and exchange with the community.

Symbiodyssey wants to give a chance to everyone and make every great idea become true.


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