Already one month

symbiodyssey 1.0, Joël Favre, Jan 14, 2017

It has been already one month since we launched the first version of SymbiOdyssey and we can say that we are very happy with the results. We received many feedback from our growing community and we could correct and adjust many details. Thank you to everyone !

The project has been well received around us and we are motivated to keep going with SymbiOdyssey and the second version is already on its way with new great features and ideas.

Please continue to give us your feedback, your suggestions and tell us what you think of SymbiOdyssey in the comment below.

SymbiOdyssey is online

symbiodyssey 1.0, Joël Favre, Dec 3, 2016

We are really happy to annouce that SymbiOdyssey is finally on line.

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